Spring Clean

*Reclaim your metabolic Power *Feel Light & Energised 

Tired of “dieting” and not seeing results? Tired of counting calories? Are you tired of the constant struggle to control cravings? Tired of the same old story of restriction and looking for a new angle?
Want to feel and look amazing? Feel beautiful and empowered? Want to love the skin you’re in?
With this new approach to health and well-being, this cutting edge Eating Psychology addresses Mind, Body and Soul and will help you shift your inner world, enabling you to create the life and the body you desire.
Spring clean your life

The significance for spring, is that daylight starts to increase, so the earth is about to tip over to more LIGHT, like an illuminating, sublime reminder that light is returning and always does, to Earth. Therefore, the Spring Equinox represents new light and life, new beginnings, seeds and paths.

  • Spring clean your Mind, Body & Soul
  • Transform your relationship with the food you eat and the body you’re in, from one of struggle, guilt, anger and shame to one of nourishment, pleasure and love.


Spring Equinox Program


  • A 4-week adventure delving into the depths of the mind, body, heart and soul for a revolutionary approach to health and lifestyle, combining nutrition and eating psychology.
  • 1 x Initial Eating Psychology Coaching Session (2h)
  • 3x Follow up sessions (1h)
  • 1 x Copy of best seller Book “Nourishing Wisdom” by Marc David




  • A transformational insight into your relationship with food and body
  • A new approach to Weight- Loss, redefining Excess weight
  • Ongoing support and guidance during and after the programme
  • Life-changing and long term results
  • Optimise metabolism


Normal Price: £175

Special Offer Price: £125

Saving of £50 on the normal price

Offer Open until 6th April 2017


Further support and one-to-one sessions can be offered in person over the phone or Skype

Please call me on 07518449951 or email me info@soul-shine.org.uk  to arrange an appointment or visit our website for more information www.soul-shine.org.uk


What is Eating Psychology?

EPC sessions offer an empowering insight into our eating habits, our body image issues and overall health and wellbeing. This revolutionary approach ventures into the depths of mind, body, heart and soul, combining the principles of Mind-Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology. EPC offers simple yet effective tools and techniques to support personal growth, to create a healthy and nourishing relationship with food and body, with long term results and sustainable change.

It honours who we are as human beings and our sacred relationship to food and eating.


Amy is a certified Eating Psychology Coach and is passionate about supporting her clients to create a healthy relationship between body image, eating, nourishment, nutrition & pleasure.

EPC has empowered hundreds of people all over the world to have a thriving and uplifting relationship with the food they eat and the body they’re in.  It’s time to celebrate and enjoy the sacred gift that it is to be an eater.