What is Eating Psychology and how can it help you?

  • What is Eating Psychology?

Eating Psychology Coaching  sessions offer an empowering insight into our eating habits, our body image issues and overall health and wellbeing. This revolutionary approach ventures into the depths of mind, body, heart and soul, combining the principles of Mind-Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology. EPC offers simple yet effective tools and techniques to support personal growth, to create a healthy and nourishing relationship with food and body, with long term results and sustainable change.

It honours who we are as human beings and our sacred relationship to food and eating.


  • Why Eating Psychology?


When I was studying Nutrition and Diethetics at University, my binge eating was out of control. At this point in my life I had studied Nutrition for a couple of years, I loved it. Over the years I had accumulated quite a bit of scientific knowledge of the different constitutions of food, what I should eat and what I shouldn’t eat. I knew the exact amount of calories I should eat. I knew how much exercise I should do, how many calories that burnt. I knew what foods to have in moderation. But yet I could not stop myself going to the supermarket to by biscuits only to eat the whole packet that same day.

I felt like a fraud. I was studying to tell people what to eat and  yet I could not control my own eating habits. I hated myself. The shame, the guilt and the anger I’d feel when I’d scoffed a whole bag of nuts. Bowl after bowl of cereal, the amount of magdalenas (muffins) I’d put away. I literally could not afford the amount I was eating! Not only couldn’t I afford it financially but I was paying the price physically for what I was eating. I was bloated, my weight fluctuated, my skin was inflamme and angry I hated what I saw in the mirror looking back at me. It was a constant battle within me.

I felt isolated, I felt stuck, I felt truly alone. I knew I needed help but wasn’t sure where to look.

I went to see a nutritionist and although she was fantastic, she taught me the importance of an alkaline diet, she taught me the importance of a healthy gut and  introduced me to Chinese medicine, something was still missing for me. The sting of shame I’d feel when the number on the scales had gone up, the pure humiliation of her shaking her finger at me. I followed the diet she gave me to the letter. I lost loads of weight. I got loads of compliments about how much weight I’d lost, but my skin was still angry, the strong and urgent desires to not only eat but scoff food in my mouth were still there, like a dormant lion it lingered in the shadows until I was on my own, until the unbearable feelings of loneliness, shame and all the uncomfortable stuff came bubbling to the surface. My nutritionist couldn’t help me. I couldn’t understand what was happening.


I felt powerless and worthless.

Until I came across an online Nutrition conference hosted by a man called Marc David.

He was talking about food and our body in a way I’d never heard before but the more videos and interviews I watched the more excited I got. I remember paying more attention to him and the nutrition experts he was talking to than to any of my course work and assignments. When it became obvious that his philosophy resonated with every cell of my being I knew I had to find out more. So I investigated and I researched the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I watched all their videos, read all Marc’s books and could finally understand what was happening with my body. A huge weight had lifted off my shoulders. The despair I had felt was replaced with love and understanding. For the first time in forever, the self-talk I had going on was full of kindness and  compassion. My body became my ally. I was able to forgive myself and shine the light on the dark and shameful places that were tearing me apart inside.

Eating Psychology allowed me to heal the rather problematic and destructive relationship I had with my body, my food and my whole life.

Not only did it change the way I saw myself but it began a long process of UNbecoming everything that no longer served me. The toxic beliefs I had created, the limiting story I had told myself and the walls I had built around me started to fall away and I started to see, hear, feel and truly appreciate the beauty that surrounded me. I started to understand that life is sacred, that our relationship with food is sacred, complex, imperfect and beautiful. That being an eater is a journey and that our eating habits are important messengers asking us to look deeper, to listen and give space to our souls.

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