Wild Woman Photoshoot

What began as an idea of “let’s get some photos for the website” rapidly snowballed into a day of empowerment, connection and sisterhood.

I knew it was going to be fun but I had no idea of the impact it would have.

The intention of the photoshoot was to:

Embrace our body, celebrate ourselves, Awaken the Wild Woman within
Connect to our true nature, Connect with nature, Help preserve ancient woodland by raising awareness of the increasing deforestation plans, reduce the loss of wildlife
We began with a ceremony held by Kate, who smudged us. We invited in the Wild Woman energy and connected with Grandfather Sky and Grandmother Earth. We chanted, we drummed, we laughed, we ate and  we danced.

Everyone’s creativity was being sparked and inspired by the scenery. The photographers were in their element. We were in a beautiful setting, with absolutely incredible surroundings. The flowers were blooming, the bluebells were still out, the sun shone brightly and warmly all day (surprisingly)

We went with the flow of the land, being drawn here and there. To different trees, to different spots.  Each one of us wanted to be represented in different ways, we made sure everyone’s needs were met. The support, the love and the connection grew stronger as the day went on.

I was totally pushed out of my comfort zone because I knew there was someone taking my picture, “did I look alright?” I wondered to myself, “do my arms look big?” and I also had humungous spot on my face! That decided to appear that morning. These shame tapes that have been so ingrained for so many years bubbled to the surface.

However, not for one second did I feel judged by anyone else there. The shame tapes were silenced by the sheer love, support and understanding from my fellow wild sisters. There was unconditional acceptance for each of us. Each of us had our own insecurities, were self-conscious about our bodies but together we transformed those voices of self-doubt  into laughter, with playfulness, compassion, authenticity, integrity and passion for what we were fighting for, what we wanted to achieve.

Something magical happened.

We empowered each other, we encouraged each other and we celebrated our true nature. We celebrated the Wild Women we are.


Not only was the synergy of the group amazing that day, but when we saw the photos a couple of days afterwards… we were stunned.  The photographers had captured the magic perfectly.  We were absolutely mesmorized by the outcome. Seeing ourselves in such a way… our photos brought up emotions for people that weren’t even there that day. We couldn’t have imagined such a turnout.


We will definitely be doing it again.

Thank you Wild Women.




Photography by Rachel Wright https://about.me/rachel_wright

and Michelle Oliveira <3