How to heal your children’s body image



How to heal past generation’s relationship with their bodies;

Heal your own relationship with your body…


How to heal future generation’s relationship with their bodies;

Heal your own relationship with your body.


When you work on healing your own personal relationship with your body, you heal the one’s of all those that came before you.  By re-writing the story that was left behind by our predecessors, we change the collective psyche and therefore pave the way for future generations to have a healthy and empowered relationship with their bodies.

In the words of Clarissa Pikola Estes:

“A woman cannot make the culture more aware by saying “Change”. But she can change her own attitude toward herself, thereby causing devaluing projections to glance off. She does this by taking back her body. By not forsaking the joy of her natural body, by not purchasing the popular illusion that happiness is only bestowed on those of a certain configuration or age, by not waiting or holding back to do anything, and by taking back her real life, and living it full bore, all stops out. This dynamic self-acceptance and self-esteem are what begins to change attitudes in the culture” 

It’s time to heal the relationship we have with our bodies.
Kate Fisher and I are super excited to be hosting the retreat in June 

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The SoulShine Summer Solstice Wild Woman Retreat


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