Breakfast Bonanza

Breakfast has always been a tough decision for me. I seem to go through phases, sometimes eggs are great, other times porridge or muesli.  At the moment I am loving a bit more of a sturdy brunch dish.  It’s really important that we give our body enough nutrient- dense food so that we don’t crash throughout the day and just grab whatever we can when we can (which is usually highly refined and or full of sugar. Tell me about it, I work in a bakery…) This is absolutely fine if you are consciously choosing this for yourself, own it and enjoy it. However if this is a moment of emergency- I need to eat right now or I will crash kind of choice then it’s time to help your body stabilize those blood sugar levels, which we can start to do by having a nourishing breakfast.


Here are some of my favourite things to have in the morning:


Smoothies are your best friends in the world if you are on the go or any time that “I don’t have enough time” is used (and it’s used a lot!) and they are just so yummy.  This sweet creamy energy booster is rich in healthy fats and packed full of nourishment  which will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for action. It will let your body know that everything is ok, you’re not on a desert island and that your metabolism can be fully turned on for full healthy digestion, assimilation and calorie burning capacity. Woop!

Date & Banana is my absolute favourite.

Avocado on toast

Mashed up avocado on a beautiful piece of sourdough toast from the local bakery. Sourdough bread sits better for me due to it’s yeast-free qualities. The natural fermentation of sourdough starter makes it easier to digest. Season with salt, pepper and a dash of avocado. This is bound to keep you going all morning. Word of warning though, your stomach will start to rumble at lunch time. Be sure to keep the furnace going by having a substantial, macro-nutrient balanced and nourishing lunch.

I also like to add either a hard boiled or fried egg sometimes too.