Our mission

We are creating and introducing a new perspective on how we see ourselves and how we see each other. By creating a culture in which each individual is celebrated for their unique greatness and their beautiful gifts. By creating a culture with more compassion, acceptance, empathy and courage. We provide the self-care tools, techniques and methods for people to embrace all aspects of themselves, to awaken the wisdom they carry within, to nourish and take care of themselves and truly see what incredible beings they are.

“How do we do that?” you may ask.
We use a variety of different approaches that develop the consciousness and curiosity to dive into the relationship with our body, our relationship with food and the eating process. We utilise Mind-Body Nutrition, Dynamic Eating Psychology, nature based tools and authentic communication skills to rumble with the stories that diminish our power and create a new reality.

We believe you deserve an empowered, nourishing and satisfying life.
We are passionate about supporting you to accomplish this and committed to living authentic, wholehearted lives.

Namaste (The light in us sees the light in you)

Amy & Robyn Caston

Photography by Rachel Wright