Celebrating YOU!

In the face of New Years Resolutions ridden in shame, “New Year – New You” weight-loss goals, diets, etc. We wanted to tell you that you are already incredible. That there doesn’t need to be a “New You” because you are already amazing. You are courageous, fierce and oh so lovable!
We wanted to tell you that your worthiness does not depend on losing those 10 extra pounds or being able to fit into those skin-tight jeans that fit you 10 years ago.
Maybe you did put on a few pounds over the holidays, who didn’t? It doesn’t mean you and your body deserve to be punished, it doesn’t make you are a terrible person and it certainly doesn’t mean your body is out to get you (remember that in the winter months our body is more prone to store that extra weight to keep us warm!)

Let’s say yes to setting the intention of creating and cultivating nourishing habits that leave us feeling uplifted, energised and powerful as opposed to feeling worthless, guilty or ashamed of our lack of willpower.
Let’s say yes to moving our bodies because it makes us feel like powerful and sexy goddesses instead of having to burn the calories we just ate.
Let’s say yes to FULLY living our lives!!


Much love,


Amy & Robyn