My Mother, my soul sister & my best friend

I want to take a moment to celebrate this beautiful woman I am so lucky to call my Mum.
I want to honestly thank you for always being there for me. For supporting me through absolutely everything. For sticking with me through transitions and awkward decisions. For believing in me. For being at every workshop, talk and event. For picking me up when I hit rock bottom. For dancing with me in the kitchen. For your beautifully contagious laugh that completely lights up the room!
Thank you for inspiring me daily, for the hysterical laughter and the moments of madness.
My Mother, my soul sister & my best friend. I love you ❤

Who inspires you in your life?
Who supports you through everything? Name them and thank them now! 🙂

Photography by Rachel Wright.

This was taken at the last Wild Woman Photo shoot. Love it & love you Suzanne Woods
My beautiful Mum came along, even though it was totally out of her comfort zone.
This brave, strong woman is an inspiration to me and I wanted to celebrate her awesomeness with you.

The Photo Shoot is a day of celebration of you, your bodies, sisterhood and womanhood!

Celebrate yourself and the women in your life! Thank them everyday, tell them you love them every day. Life is so precious. Appreciate, love and laugh as much as you can ❤