Empowered Health

Do you ever feel dis-empowered  and confused when it comes to understanding your health?

I know I have been! When I was 16, I started to develop severe acne that covered my face. After being unsuccessful with the pill, I was recommended by my GP to go and see a dermatologist who would be able to help me “get rid of it”. Off I went to see a dermatological expert who prescribed me cream after cream, gel after gel. Nothing really happened except my poor skin being burnt to crisp after the last one… I was frustrated, and I was still spotty. As a last resort, the dermatologist told me she wanted to give me a pill, she said it was a very strong pill that had severe side effects on my liver and kidneys so I would have to be monitored closely. Immediately, I felt massive wave of panic wash over me… “Was this really the only option left?” “Did I have to undergo severe discomfort to have flawless skin?”


After really thinking about it, I decided to turn down this treatment and instead started looking into Nutrition. I went to see a lovely nutritionist who gave me an alkaline diet, told me what I should and shouldn’t be eating and prescribed me a big list of supplements. I was motivated to have clear skin, so I followed everything to the letter folks, to the letter! Did it work though? Nope, it did not. Actually my skin was the worst it had ever been!  Frustrated, stressed about my exams at Uni, stressed about my skin, uncomfortable in the way I looked, I continued to seek answers and researching into what was “wrong” with me. How can I fix this? All the while this was going on I was struggling with severe binge eating, I hadn’t had a regular period for months, my weight was constantly fluctuating and I was riddled with anxiety about what I “should” and “shouldn’t” be eating. I was miserable!

Asking the bigger questions

I eventually came across the work of Marc David and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and started to understand the profound effect our emotions can have on our physical body. For so many years, I had really suppressed so many feelings, I didn’t even know that I had the power to choose what I wanted my life to look like, I didn’t even know who I really was because I was such a chameleon, changing and moulding myself constantly to “fit in” and of course, I was extremely disconnected from my body. I was too busy rejecting it to be in it, to listen to it, to hear what is was trying to tell me and to understand that it was desperately trying to do the best it could do with the stressful conditions I was creating. I started to see there was a bigger picture. I just needed to ask the right questions…

“We have all the answers we need inside of us, if only we knew how to ask the right questions”- Rolf

My life and my perspective of life had to change. Which it did, radically. As did my skin. I put my university studies on hold, left Spain and spent a few months volunteering on organic farms where I saw firsthand the absolute magic that is Mother Nature. Tending the fruit trees, planting seeds, feeding the chicken, I started to find that peace I so longed and yearned for. I started to learn about herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, reiki, the power of yoga, meditation, tai chi, natural aromatherapy oils, etc. There was whole world of different ways of healing! Ways that didn’t have tremendous side effects, ways that would treat the individual as a whole.

“Stress is the number one cause of dis-ease and un-ease” is a phrase that’s thrown around A LOT, but, what does it actually mean?

Stress can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a physical stress, an emotional stress you carry or a suppressed calling of your soul to get in line with your purpose.

Whether it’s a limiting belief you have about yourself or if you are a fast eater, our body deals as best it can with the conditions we create for it.


Looking for the root cause

After extensive years of reading, holistic health podcasts, inspiring documentaries and awesome Ted Talks. I really started to understand that there is SO much more to our health challenges. Symptoms are messages, asking us to look deeper at the root cause.

Our bodies have an innate blueprint to heal, regenerate and thrive, getting to the root cause of the health challenge or symptom allows us to tap into this innate chemistry and start to heal on all levels.

For these reasons and more, my amazing friend and business partner Robyn Caston and I  were inspired to create Empowered Health.

Empowered Health

is all about you reclaiming your health back in a profoundly holistic way. We are offering tools and techniques that you can apply in your everyday life to connect you to your authentic self, cultivate healthy habits and lead a nourishing and empowering lifestyle to enable you to do what you were meant to do on this planet: LIVE, truly, wholeheartedly live. Savouring every. Single. Moment.

We have put our experiences, our research, our studies and our amazing directory of friends/colleagues/practitioners together to create a space of education, support and an insight into the many ways of healing.

The Expert of you is YOU!

Everyone is different and has beautifully unique needs. By offering different options, different ways of healing and de-stressing we want to offer you  a chance  to find what works best  for you.

What we have learned is that Self-discovery and healing can be profoundly powerful when done with the support and encouragement of an accepting and compassionate community, which is exactly what we are creating.  We believe and have experienced the transformative nature of peer support and have created the sessions to include time and space for every participant to be heard.

All of our sessions have Body Positive Values at their core and a Health at Every Size approach, accepting and celebrating every single body shape  and honouring the individuality of each person.

Thanks to the National Lottery we are able to offer 24 fully funded Empowered Health Workshops.

These sessions will happen fortnightly on  Sundays 11am -4pm starting on the 14th of October. Each workshop will be independent, you are more than welcome to come to as many or as few as you like, just let us know when you will be joining us.

Please get in touch with us to book your place at info@soul-shine.org.uk as we have limited spaces!

For full details please visit the events page.