Empowered Health – Inspired Eating with Ana

As part of our Empowered Health project and journey we will be collaborating with some incredible people. One of which is Ana Calistru of Wise Living With Ana. Here she shares with us some of the inspiration behind creating her own business from some of her personal experiences.

“We all have our own little food rituals whether we perceive them or not. I am no exception. My favourite takeaway is veggie rice noodles. I find them to be the tastiest, healthiest “fast food”. And this used to be my ritual whenever wanted to have them:

Settle on movie to watch, go to Chinese restaurant next door, buy food, come home, unwrap it, place it in a new plate, get chopsticks  out, go upstairs, place food on a nearby table, turn on movie, wait for action to start, reach for plate, start eating, finish eating in first 5 minutes of the movie, continue watching. Sounds familiar?

In the beginning I didn’t even notice my body. I just had a very full belly, “only” uncomfortable when I bent slightly. True, I woke up tired the next day and felt tired for the whole day, but would put it to staying up longer than usual or to an accumulated tiredness from a busy week, or from a busy weekend… But then the tiredness became fatigue. I would not be able to wake up, I would barely move around all day and I realised it was the. They must of put something different in it this time. I always have the same takeaway, veggie rice noodles with no onion from the same place. I then noticed I felt better if I didn’t have it. So I stayed away for a long while.

One evening though, I was too tired to cook and very, very hungry. So I went and got some noodles. I did not have the movie though, I was way too hungry. And when I opened the box and tipped the food on the plate it smelled so good… and I was so hungry that I was struck with gratitude. I could not believe I had all that beautiful food to myself! I started eating but this time I was present and so damn happy to be eating! F.ck the next day headache or unbearable sluggishness. I don’t care, I’m so f’ing blessed to have this delicious food in my life!

I had no headaches or sluggishness though and woke up in perfect condition.

I still buy my noodles regularly. They are really well cooked and the family who owns the place is just lovely! And I feel just fine after eating. I don’t have that ritual anymore though. I do have a new Rite”.

That is what we will explore in this workshop. Food rituals and their importance. How to smoothly break the non-beneficial rituals and discover new rites for a happier, wiser body.

Expect to be joyful, happy, enthusiastic and most of all, fully enveloped in the pleasure of food.

Hi, I am Ana, from Wise Living with Ana and if you haven’t heard of me yet it’s probably because it took me almost 2 years from when I founded my enterprise to define and refine its purpose – My purpose.

My main activity is caring for homes and people – or people and homes… Some of my clients seek me for my beautiful eco-friendly home cleaning services.
Others need my help in re-organising and re-decorating their home. To some I have offered a variety of services according to their needs, such as guided meditation, coaching, practical nutrition teachings, cooking lessons and even food delivery from my own cooking.

I started this enterprise as I wanted to make a living from my passions: health/food, nature, ecology, cleaning and caring for homes, permaculture and spiritual growth.

I do not have diplomas in any of these fields. What I do have is a stream of study, practice, experimentation, success and failure and more study and so on and so forth.

The Rite Diet

I LOVE food. I am constantly blown away by what a blessing it is to live in a body that can appreciate so many tastes and textures and fragrances. I take delight in every single meal I have and as days go by I feel my body responding more and more positively to what I feed it and how I offer it.

It hasn’t always been the case though. I spent most of my adult years in a quest for the perfect diet, going from “meat eater” to vegetarian to vegan and raw vegan, back to vegan, then vegetarian, with the occasional “slip” to eating meat under social pressure. I read tons of health blogs and articles and studies and watched a flood of documentaries. I transitioned through different stages of disorders related to food without even being aware I was having them… I had times when I would be obsessed with the impurity of food. I could barely bring myself to eat an apple if it was grown near a busy street. I was afraid even to drink water as all of it seemed to contain some sort of demon waiting to wreak havock in my body. I was angry and resentful towards my family every time I went to visit and saw them eating meet and dairy. I preached my convictions with passion and spite and resented all whom did not take my “loving” advice. At the same time I would go on episodes of binge eating where I would gorge on all the foods that I knew were so bad for me. Only to then feel guilty and ashamed, which would then lead to depression and self loathing. My body was so stressed that I was constantly underweight and losing hair. To top it all, I was a smoke addict and had a sedentry job where I’d be pinned to my chair for 9 hours a day. Oh, happy days.

I never gave up though. My instinct was telling me that there must be something better and that I will do so well, if only I searched a little deeper.

And I did. Only this time I did not dig deeper into the internet, I dug deeper into my heart and intuition. I am so very thankful that I always, even in the direst of moments, kept faith in my own intuition and inner guidance. For through them I found the Rite diet. A diet based on joy and trust in my body’s amazing wisdom and power. A diet where gratitude, love and appreciation are the key. A diet of empowerment and freedom of choice according to the true needs of my body. Since then, every day has been a revelation and every meal sacred. I am now what I call a “free eater”.

It is from this place of grounding appreciation that I wish to share my findings with you. And I am thrilled as I know that we shall have so much fun in the process!

The Rite Home

Being a professional cleaner for almost 2 years and having been avidly looking for ways to make my own life more pleasant and efficient in my home, I developed the Rite practice and philosophy. At its core, the Rite practice acknowledges two things:

1.       That a house/home, just like anything else on this planet, is made of energy. This energy is beneficial to us or not according to the input we give it.

2.       That our homes are extensions of ourselves, our minds and bodies. If the energy is stuck it will have an impact on our lives, if the energy is free flowing so will our lives benefit.

To achieve healthy free flowing energy in our homes we can each develop certain Rites or rituals according to our home’s needs. This is an extremely fun and enjoyable activity in itself and it comes with oh so many benefits!

You can find me on instagram @calistruana, Facebook – Wise Living with Ana, on my brand new blog, wiselivingwithana.co.uk, or contact me at ask.wiseliving@gmail.com.

Ana will be joining us on the 9th of December 2018, from 11am-4pm.

For full details check out the link –>> http://soul-shine.org.uk/event/empowered-health-inspired-eating/


This project is fully funded by the National Lottery and places are FREE but booking is essential so do drop us an email to info@soul-shine.org.uk to confirm your place.