Empowered Health – Groove with Eva

We are so excited to be able to share some amazing work with you through our brand new project Empowered Health. We are thrilled that next week we will be joined by the incredible Eva Howkins who will be delivering a Groove session.

Read on to find out more about Eva’s story.

“I have been involved in sport most of my life, and in the health and fitness industry for 24 years. When I originally qualified it was as an Exercise to music instructor, and I then went on to gain qualifications in Personal training, Sport and remedial massage therapy, and many others relating to how the body works. I did my Exercise Referral qualification which led to me working with people who were referred by their doctor or health professional. During that time I became more aware of the emotional issues which were not being addressed. Most of my training was with the physical body and muscles and nutrition (as it was taught then!). I had struggled with my own body image issues most of my life, and although I had a wonderful strong fit body, I did not like how it looked! I did many talks for the NHS as I was involved in writing a weight management program for them, which I delivered for some years. However I knew that it was not just a matter of advising people what to eat as the emotional aspect was so much more important. I started looking more into the way the mind works.

Around 15 years ago I was introduced to Paul Chek and the Chek Institute, and it totally changed how I work. My first course through the CHEK system was an Holistic Nutritional Lifestyle Coach. I started to look at the body from the inside out, and learned that we cannot separate any part of it. For example having a digestive issue can result in back pain, so treating the back is not going to work without addressing the cause. Also how powerful the mind is, which can be the root cause of pain and illness, which in turn involves the hormonal system……….. I now understand more of the meaning of mind/body/spirit, and my studying continues”.

Having been very left brain dominant I have been challenged with connecting with my own feelings, and become aware of blockages. I love to experience how I am developing and how we help each other through connection.

I first saw Misty Tripoli (founder of GROOVE) dancing on stage with Paul Chek at a fitness conference, and I loved that the emphasis was on how we feel, and not what we look like (she has been through a similar journey of body image issues and eating disorders). I wanted to be part of that, as I always encourage people to find anything that they love to do and helps them to feel good. I love to dance, and when the music is playing I can get totally lost from anything that is around me, and can ‘dance like no one is watching’. I knew that it had been missing in my life for some time. I looked for a class and saw that no one in the UK was doing them, so I decided to qualify. I was the first in England to do so in February of this year, and I want to share this experience with as many people as I can.


I love to dance in my own style without choreography or boundaries. I believe that many of us would love to dance, and do not have the opportunity, or we feel embarrassed about starting a dance class.

GROOVE is a dance class unlike any other. We get to move our body in our own way. We are not copying or following anyone else. It is a fun dance class with some simple moves where we unite in the same rhythm, and can enjoy doing in any way that feels good to us.

It is ok to look different. We are all different, and in this class I want you to give yourself permission to express that. Feel free to take your shoes off when you dance.

Come and get involved!

GROOVE is a fun, easy and non-judgmental dance experience for all adults of all abilities. It conditions the body and nurtures the mind, heart and soul.
GROOVE is new to the U.K., but around the globe, it’s BOOMING.
Being part of the Top 15 ‘Next Big Fitness Trends’ and coming in at No.5 is no mean feat.
If you love to dance for exercise but hate trying to mimic intricate moves, say hello to your new favourite class.
And the best bit is; it requires ZERO dance experience, just a desire to let go and move around to funky grooves. No fitness clothes required, wear whatever you feel comfortable in, bare feet are welcome.


Eva will be joining us on the 28th of October for fantastic Groove session. For full details check out the event here –>> http://soul-shine.org.uk/event/empowered-health-groove/


Booking is essential! We look forward to seeing you 🙂