Go with the Flow with Sally

We are so thrilled to be collaborating with the gorgeous and radiant Sally Collins from Go with the Flow therapies. Sally is a sound therapist and has been working with sound since she first discovered it in 2013.

“I started my journey by training in Reiki healing , then went in to train in what’s called reiki drumming, where you use the drum and reiki combined to help the mind and body. This sparked my interest in how sound and drums can affect your mind and body , and how music and sound can affect us too.so I decided I wanted to learn more ,and went down to London to train in sound therapy .I found this fascinating and interesting , and felt I had found my souls work and my passion” – Sally 

Caption: Sally’s singing bowl collection on her therapy bed.

“I then furthered my training and went to learn tuning fork therapy. I loved this too and love how music and sound affects us all in different ways. I now work on a one to one basis doing sound therapy sessions; work with people with autism and learning disabilities.  I hold regular group sound baths ,and offer children’s sessions too”

Caption: Sally in action

“Sound is accessible to everyone and this is what I love about working with sound and frequency. I love helping people; bringing them calm and peace ,balance and harmony,it fills my heart with love . I have found sound has helped me in life on a daily basis and it’s very much part of my day to day life. It helps me to relax and stay focused and can take me into a deep meditative state, I chant mantra everyday ,and this helps me a lot to feel connected to my inner self. Sound therapy is a non invasive, natural therapy. It helps assist us to find balance”

“On this day I will be holding a workshop ,with a talk and demonstration in the morning. I will bring all of my lovely healing instruments , and then in the afternoon will hold a group sound bath where you get a chance to lay down and relax and soak up all the wonderful healing frequencies and vibrations . There will be a chance to talk about your experience ,and how it was for you. I have many instruments , including crystal healing bowls , singing bowls , drums rattles ,shakers , tuning forks ,tubes and chimes. It is wonderful for healing and relaxation , it aids sleep and allows our minds to relax . Certain instruments have particular frequency that helps our bodies in different areas and helps our energy body and aura  too.i am looking forward to sharing this with you on 27th of January” – Sally

Sally will be joining us on the 27th of January 2019. For the chance to come along and try her wonderful day of sound. Send an email to Amy at info@soul-shine.org.uk to book your place.

We are so grateful that this project is fully funded by the National Lottery which allows us to offer these workshops for FREE.

Come along and join the Body Positive community.

For full details check out the event here –>> http://soul-shine.org.uk/event/sound-therapy-with-sally/

or on Facebook –>> https://www.facebook.com/events/268611927149969/