Wild Woman Photo Exhibition

We are thrilled to be hosting a Wild Woman Photographic Exhibition from the 8th -13th July 2019 at The Forum, Norwich.
The photographs are stunning images captured during the body positive ‘Wild Women Photo Shoots’ which have been held over the past 2 years in amazing natural surroundings in Norfolk.
The shoots are an opportunity for anyone who identifies as a woman to celebrate themselves and their body. Within a culture where women especially, are constantly being criticised and shamed for how they look these events offer a safe, supportive and compassionate space for women to express, embrace and celebrate their truest selves.




The aim of the body positive photo shoot is to prove that it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, that moments of deep empowerment and true beauty are able to shine when we are able to drop all our limiting beliefs and the shame we carry around with us all the time. This is a time to say goodbye to that little voice that says: “you’re not … enough” or  “you’re too …, you can’t possibly have your photo taken!”
Photoshoots are facilitated by Amy, Robyn and Kate from SoulShine and the images are captured by the very talented Photographer Rachel Wright. She is a photographic artist based in Norwich and her work centres on finding beauty in the unexpected, the overlooked and the seemingly ordinary. She specialises in transforming the ‘everyday’ into art and has a natural talent for capturing the beauty in moments that most would not notice.




Women are celebrated, encouraged and supported every step of the way to feel confident and proud of who they are and what they look like. Every participant is encouraged to question their current beliefs about themselves, to challenge their negative self talk about how they look and to truly hear the compliments that they receive from others. It is a very positive and inspiring environment to be in and although image and photographs are the focus of the day, most women take away a much deeper and profound understanding of themselves and they leave feeling uplifted, nourished and proud to be who they are.


The aim of the exhibition is to raise awareness about body image issues, to start conversations about how we feel about our bodies and how they look and to help women realise that they are not alone in their struggles. From working with many women, we have learnt that we all carry shame in one form or another about how we look and we want women to know that they are not alone and that they can challenge their limiting beliefs, overcome their negative self talk about themselves and be confident empowered ‘Wild Women’!!! .   
“Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless knowing, her name is Wild Woman but she is an endangered species” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Come and join us on the 8th of July between 5:30pm-8:00pm for some cake and the launch of the exhbition🙂 

Our next Wild Woman Photo Shoots are coming up on Sunday the 11th of August and Sunday the 15th of September

Get in touch with us today to book your place. Email us at info@soul-shine.org.uk. We look forward to seeing you soon!