SoulShine is a Social Enterprise that empowers people in their  relationship with the body they’re in and the food they eat.


We envisage a world where people have an empowered and thriving relationship with themselves, their body and the food they eat. We envisage a world where everyone is more  connected to their food  , how it is grown, how it is prepared and how it is eaten. With soul, honour and integrity we wish to appreciate the sacred gift that it means to be an eater.

Our Team


Amy Woods

Amy Woods is the Founder and Director of SoulShine. She is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and a  Certified Reiki Practitioner 


Robyn Caston

Director of SoulShine, Founder of “Love” ,  Qualified Primary Teacher with QTS, Support Worker and Youth Worker


Kelly Lindsay

Director of SoulShine, Fully qualified teacher with QTS and PGCE and Youth Worker

About Soul Shine

SoulShine offers individual coaching sessions, workshops, courses and retreats which support self-discovery and personal growth empowering people to prosper in their personal, professional and community lives.

At SoulShine we believe that every single person is worthy of feeling great in their body and eating the highest quality food. Our aim is to bring the soul, sacredness and integrity back to the whole food process, from growing, preparing to cooking and eating in a way that nourishes mind, body and soul. We believe that food and the act of eating is a sacred gift.

The aim of the organisation is to create the space and conditions for people, of all ages, to tap into their individual body wisdom enabling them to discover their inner strength and empower them to live and BE their fullest potential.

At the heart of SoulShine our core values are truth, honesty, authenticity, love, compassion, courage, respect, honour, passion, freedom and kindness and we believe that everyone is worthy of a healthy and thriving relationship with food and feeling good in the process, embodying all of who we are.

SoulShine offers a range of holistic healing techniques and approaches tailored to the beautifully unique needs of every individual.
It was founded by Amy Woods in May 2016, after graduating from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating’s Certified training course and inspired by her own personal transformation, she wanted to support others on their journeys and empower them to experience the freedom and liberation that she discovered.

Amy recognized that having a team of people with a shared vision and core values would enable the SoulShine methods to be more effective and have a wider impact. Consequently, she recruited Robyn Caston in September 2016 with the intention of expanding, in order to target a new demographic which focuses on young people between the ages of 11-18. Many young people are currently experiencing, low self- esteem and issues with their body image that has dramatic consequences not only on their physical and mental health and wellbeing but on their behaviour and capacity to live a full life.

“We are creating and introducing to our local community a new perspective on how we see ourselves and how we see each other. By creating a culture in which each individual is celebrated for their unique greatness and their beautiful gifts, our aim is to empower and  provide the self-care tools, techniques and methods for people to embrace all aspects of themselves, to awaken the wisdom they carry within that enables them to nourish and take care of themselves in a way that allows them to flourish into the incredible beings that they are” – Amy Woods, Founder and Director of SoulShine


We work closely with local business’ in and around Norwich.

SoulShine was able to be created thanks to the support of The Missing Kind and their team. Their programme “Kindaeconomy”  supports social entrepreneurs and encourages business with compassionate social purpose.

The Missing Kinds Mission is to support kindness warriors, enabling them to make a difference; to people, planet and animals.

Lola Stafford

The development and birth of SoulShine as a social enterprise is also due to the support of Jacqui Starling of Lola Stafford Consulting.

Lola Stafford Consulting Ltd is a Social Enterprise and reinvests surplus profit in to developing and sustaining activities that benefit communities and economic growth.

Kate Fisher, Shamanic Practitioner

Kate has a varied background in healing techniques and has consciously walked a spiritual path since she was 13 years of age starting with meditation and astral projection. She has studied many interests from Mediumship and Palmistry to Inner Dance and Shamanism.
Having lived abroad for a few years studying different healing techniques with healers and shaman in Philippines and Peru Kate has studied many things including inner dance, plant consciousness, and shamanism of different cultures and many more. She now endeavours to use the learned and natural skills and techniques collected over 20 years of study and self-improvement to support other people through times of transition. All her work centres around empowerment as she intends to connect people to their own innate power so we can all grow and develop to create a better world for future generations. She has taught techniques of meditation and the process called Inner Dance which she learnt in the Philippines from its founder and been part of teams that have supported people through detox’s and recovery from dis-eases, such as cancer, eating disorders and drug addictions.

“I have tried many things to find answers for myself throughout the years and have lived in a few different countries to try and find what was always within me. I am now working with shamanism of my home land; Celtic Shamanism. I focus mainly on the heart centre, plant consciousness and our connection to our land, knowing that when we live an empowered heart based life we can live in love and harmony with all.”- Kate Fisher