Our body carries a tremendous amount of wisdom. It is built and programmed to keep us alive, it is constantly giving us feedback about not only the food we eat but also about our life experience. It’s our job to listen, to get curious and do the best we can in return to nourish ourselves.

Throughout the day we will be planting the seeds to cultivate a healthy body image. We will be learning how to tune in to our body’s wisdom. Honouring the natural rhythms and cycles of the body can allow us to increase our energy and vitality.

Transform your relationship with the food you eat and the body you’re in, from one of struggle, guilt, anger and shame to one of nourishment, pleasure and love.
Empower yourself to relax into your food journey and trust the body your soul resides in.

Lunch Break (1:30-2:30pm):
We are passionate about building community and we believe that sharing food is a wonderful way of connecting. Therefore we invite everybody to bring a vegetarian lunch to share so we can enjoy a collaborative lunch together. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

We have limited chairs but plenty of cushions and bean bags, so please bring a comfortable chair if this works better for you.
The studio is an “outdoor shoe free” area so please bring comfy indoor footwear, socks or bear feet are also fine 🙂

This project is funded by the National Lottery. Booking is essential! Please let us know you will be coming.

Send us an email at info@soul-shine.org.uk with any questions or to book your place.

We look forward to seeing you 🙂


Empowered Health is comprised of 24 workshops which we will deliver on a monthly basis in collaboration with local therapists, holistic and well being practitioners, movement facilitators and organisations.

Empowered Health offers a space of education, support, empowerment and connection. Giving people the chance to reclaim both their physical and mental Health on a holistic and Body Positive basis nourishing mind, body and soul.

These sessions will happen Bi-Weekly Sundays 11-4 and are completely free to participants due to being fully funded by the National Lottery.

Please get in touch to book your place 🙂