A revolutionary approach to self acceptance!

The Wild Woman photo shoot is an opportunity for anyone who identifies as a woman to celebrate themselves and their body.

What we offer is a safe, supportive and compassionate space for women to express, embrace and celebrate their truest selves. 

It is a day of empowerment and re-wilding in beautiful surroundings with sisters.

In ceremony and through meditation, singing, dancing, drumming and of course eating. With playful souls and open hearts, we offer you a non-judgemental, compassionate, loving and supportive space to embrace your body, celebrate who you are and awaken the Wild Woman within.

Whether you wish to show your Warrior, Wild Woman, your inner Goddess or your inner pixie,  we will support you every step of the way to feel confident and proud of who you are.



We want to prove that it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, moments of deep empowerment and true beauty are able to shine when we are able to drop all our limiting beliefs and the shame we carry around with us all the time. This is a time to say goodbye to that little voice that says: “you’re not x enough, you’re too x, you can’t possibly have your photo taken!”


The amazing Rachel Wright will be our photographer and we will be learning different tools and techniques that enable us to feel the power of who we truly are and experience the nourishment of the Earth and the incredible power of sisterhood.

Do you know a group of women that would like to embrace this opportunity?
If so please get in touch and we can start to make amazing plans for us bringing the photo shoot to you and your tribe. 

Do you want one to happen in your local area?  Get in touch! 
We currently host 2 a year in Norfolk and 1 in Kent, send us an email if you would love this to happen with your tribe and on your land. 

“Withing every woman there is a wild and natural creature, powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and agless knowing, her name is Wild Woman but she is an endangered species” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Here’s what people have to say about their experience of the day…. 

“Me and my daughter had a really great day on the photo shoot and many things and thoughts have stayed with me about my personal  wild woman power and how to developed/ unleash it.
I have seen My daughter blossom and gain self confidence and she has settled into college life which was a great anxiety for her and also for me as her mother. I know this is in part due to the day we spent in the safe and special atmosphere created by you guys.
The quality of acceptance of who you are warts and all combined with reverence and ritual is a really positive and powerful affirmation of womanhood.
It especially worked for me by being in such a beautiful natural environment and the closeness to Mother Nature.
Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this”

“Amazing day!
Such a lovely group of women, we connected at a deeper level which is very difficult to do  otherwise in the outside world.
Everyone had an inspiring story and beautiful souls!
I feel refreshed and energized after such an incredible day!
I feel blessed to have met you all and shared today with you!” – Bene

“Amy, Robyn and Kate…
An amazing day, once again! Just magical. The way you hold the space and gently encourage everyone to come out of their shells and step nto their authenticity is truly remarkable and a joy to be a part of. Love you!” Rach

“What a perfect day!
Today ran beautifully. I felt safe and free to just be me. Can’t wait to see the photos. Lots of love, Chrissi”

“Keep doing what you are wild women. You are a movement waiting to happen. We need this to find out who we are . Thank you” – Lea

“Really enjoyed the day and would definitely do it again! I found myself growing in confidence and feeling at peace with being vulnerable. I loved that everything was a group decision and there was no set person leading the session” 

“I am always honoured to join these events. Amy and Robyn are amazing! I always come away with more comfort in self and love for womankind <3”

“A beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and empowering day with with souls sisters in nature!”

An opportunity to meet  gentle and lovely souls which I won’t forget. I have been welcomed, accepted and celebrated for who I am. I gave my love and energy with honour to the sisters that I met today – Gloria


With love, 

Rachel, Amy, Kate and Robyn