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Eating Psychology Coaching

Eating Psychology Coaching

“Amy greatly helped me over two sessions last year. I found her innately easy to open up to and all this distress came pouring out. It was as if she held it in the palms of her hands and i was able to let it go. She helped me accept my body and myself as they are and helped me to move forward with positivity and proper nutrition. Thank you Amy”. – Elizabeth Thacker


“In February this year I was feeling really low about my body, having heard some unwelcome messages from others. I felt angry at a fat-shaming society that wanted me to look a certain way, and furious with diet culture and the prevalence of judgement masquerading as ‘helpful advice’. I was clear that I didn’t want to change my body. I just wanted finally to silence that voice I know so well; that voice which pops up anytime I catch myself in an unflattering pose in the mirror, that voice which chimes in when I compare my looks to others, that voice which for 30 years had been hanging around telling me my body is disgusting. I was fortunate enough to hear about the wonderful body empowerment coaching that Amy at SoulShine provides, and I booked an hour-long session over Skype. Because Amy projects such honesty and groundedness, I felt able to open up immediately and admit the extent of my body-loathing. Amy was totally supportive; understanding, non-judgemental and empathetic. After a brief meditation, Amy guided me in a visualisation exercise where I was encouraged to get to know the voice, listen to it, picture it, and eventually to draw it. This was such a helpful exercise, because it gave me something tangible to focus on, and it made me aware of the emotions and source of the voice. Since then, I have conjured up this image when I have become aware of the voice, and I have seen that just noticing and acknowledging it goes a long way towards dissipating its power. For the first time ever, I feel more in control of this particular ‘demon’ and that is thanks to Amy’s methodology, acceptance and guidance. Amy ended the session with some practical tips and offered a follow-up call should I need it. I am so impressed with Amy’s work, and I would whole-heartedly recommend getting in touch with SoulShine for support with body confidence and empowerment” – Julia Gillick 


Eating Psychology Coaching  sessions offer an empowering insight into our eating habits, our body image issues and overall health and wellbeing. This revolutionary approach ventures into the depths of mind, body, heart and soul, combining the principles of Mind-Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology. EPC offers simple yet effective tools and techniques to support personal growth, to create a healthy and nourishing relationship with food and body, with long term results and sustainable change.
It honours who we are as human beings and our sacred relationship to food and eating.

Amy is a certified Eating Psychology Coach and is passionate about supporting her clients to create a healthy relationship between body image, eating, nourishment, nutrition & pleasure.
EPC has empowered hundreds of people all over the world to have a thriving and uplifting relationship with the food they eat and the body they’re in. It’s time to celebrate and enjoy the sacred gift that it is to be an eater

Mind-Body Nutrition

Mind Body Nutrition focuses on how the mind has a profound influence on the body when it comes to how we metabolize a meal. More specifically, Mind Body Nutrition looks at the psychophysiology of how digestion, assimilation, calorie burning and all the nutritive functions of the body are impacted by stress, relaxation, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, pleasure, eating rhythm, eating speed, awareness, our personal story, and more.
To put it another way: What we eat is half the story of good nutrition – the other half of the story is who we are as eaters. That is, the person who we are literally and scientifically influences how we digest, absorb and calorie burn a meal.
Mind Body Nutrition helps us learn how to navigate our physiology, our emotional state and our mindset so you can finally begin to master your metabolism in a natural and sustainable way.?

Dynamic Eating Psychology

Dynamic Eating Psychology is a positive and empowering approach to transforming our eating challenges. It’s designed for ANYONE who eats. It includes tools, techniques, maps, skills and protocols that are results driven and sustainable. It recognizes that our eating challenges are intimately connected to ALL of what makes us human – relationship, family, work, money, sexuality, spirituality, our search for fulfillment, and much more. And it sees our concerns with food NOT as an indication that we’re broken, but as a powerful opportunity to grow and evolve. Each of us has a unique food and body story. Dynamic Eating Psychology affirms the importance of this epic story. It helps us transform our eating concerns through a deeper understanding of what they’re here to teach us, using the right skills, and within a context of love and insight. And it honours all of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart and soul.?

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